Friday, November 13, 2009

Books, Books, & More Books

There is nothing better than having time to sit and read a book. I enjoy reading more than any other hobby and would sit and read all day long if I could. I have 11 feet of oak bookcases, 6 feet tall in my bedroom and love every foot of them. I make time to read every night since I try to cross stitch while watching TV.

part of small wall of bookcases
Julie Garwood & Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick are 2 of my favorite authors

we are fortunate to have 3 different Border stores in our area

part of the longer wall of bookcases
another favorite author - Suzanne Brockman

half priced book store -- can't get much better than that
they even have fairly recent bestsellers at times

Catherine Coulter -- another favorite is her FBI series

we have 2 very close Books A Million stores in our area
only 10 minutes to one of them

books, books, and more books everywhere you look



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  2. You lucky girl with all those book stores close at hand. The book store is one of my most favorite places, but I go to the craft section and just dream. The love of books is a wonderful thing, that's for sure.

    I adore your little table, it's so sweet.

  3. Hi! The closest book store...Barnes and Nobles is 70 miles we don't always get to go there. But when we do, I could spend all day there! Love your shelves. I would love to have one room with a wall of shelves and a comfortable chair to just sit and read all day! blessings,Kathleen