Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stash & More Stash

There is nothing like buying more cross stitch floss, material and speciality fibers even when you already have plenty. A sale is nice but not really necessary when you find something new that just has to be added to your collection of stash. Our extra room has gotten so full with all my cross stitch supplies along with all of Mom's crochet thread we found on sale last year. Not shown are her trunks and boxes full of thread.

dmc floss stored in my 2 drawer antique thread cabinet

boxes to hold additional speciality fibers, silk thread
and a small trunk to hold bookmark supplies

drawers for extra floss and material
found on sale

expandable folders for evenweave material by counts
these are hidden behind a cabinet door

more projects waiting their turn

4 drawer file cabinet
with all my cross stitch books
organized by subjects

cross stitch hardback books
and more containers
to hold trims, beads and scissors

and last but not least
the bookcase that holds
most of the hardback books for
cross stitch, needlepoint and quilting

Now to find the time to sit and enjoy looking for new projects to work on and even more important the time to sit and stitch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cross Stitch Finish

WIP Finished

Is Ready To Leave The Building

Vervaco Pattern
18 ct Light Fiddlers Cloth
Recommended DMC Floss, 1 Strand

With January came the extreme cold for our area for about 2 weeks which included 2 3-day weekends. It's amazing how much I can stitch when it is too cold and the roads are too bad to go anywhere and reruns of NCIS and Bones are on TV.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bottles, Bottles & More Perfume Bottles

I Love Perfume Bottles

my swan Jennifer gave me a couple of years ago

this one is big enough to hold perfumed lotion

I sit them in bowls

on the dresser

grouped in a crystal napkin holder
looks much better than holding napkins

and more in my corner cabinet

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foggy White Wednesday

Freezing Fog Mornings

what a way to start the week

on the way to work

sounded like freezing rain at times

the one clear spot in the fog
still not melted from the past 2 weeks of extreme cold

Thanks to Kathleen at Faded Charm for hosting White Wednesday. She has so many links to other White Wednesday participants you can visit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks

More Finishes

Orange is for Leukemia
Block for Cancer Quilt
Fund Raiser Quilt for Relay Races

Tow Mater
for Connor - LDI

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cross Stitch Christmas & Birthday


Eye of the Tiger, True Colors
Stitched on 14 count brown perforated paper
DMC Colors
Stitched For Jennifer for Christmas
Framed in Wooden Box

stitched on 14 count
off white tote bag
DMC Black

Mom made the lining from material
I found at Hobby Lobby
Stitched for Linda for her birthday

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

White Wednesday

We Got Snow

only 1/2" but that is enough for us

baby magnolia

angel girl by the porch

large pot in the middle of the flower garden

benches covered

newest no water fountain in the garden

doves watching over the garden

birth baths we forgot to take down full

little pond covered up

It started snowing around 8 am Thursday morning and snowed all day. We finally had about 1/2" by the end of the day with snow flurries all day Friday and Saturday. We might have ended up with maybe 1" by Sunday morning. Everything looked so beautifully pristine white. After an extremely cold past 10 days we are starting to warm up again and the snow will disappear hopefully until next year.

Check out Kathleen at Faded Charm for more great White Wednesday posts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 69th

Happy 69th Birthday Linda
Today is Your Special Day

we start with a bouquet of lilies from our garden

followed by a wonderful fruit brunch dessert
and a recap of years gone by

our cowgirl

swimsuit calendar girl of the year

iris from our garden just for you

here come the kids

winning in Vegas

and Miss Piggy's cake for the big celebration
with almost enough bubbles for your 69 years

we will have a margarita in your honor
and can't wait to see you this summer

Love June, Sandy & Jennifer