Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Little Princess

Miss Isabella
she will be 5 months old Friday

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ready for Spring

New Peonies
for our flower garden

Red Carpet
double red that does not fade
double row of petals around a fluffy center

Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt
fragrant soft seashell pink
with a rosebud center

General MacMahon
watermelon red blooms
bowl shaped and fragrant

We received our new 2011 catalog from Gilbert H. Wild & Son last week. Oh so many peonies to drool over and hard to decide. We finally settled on 3 new ones for now and got free shipping to boot. Can't wait for April to get here and get these babies in the ground.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Our First Valentines with Isabella

my favorite outfit - love her hat

Her 1st Valentine Ornament
14 ct Hand Dyed Aida
DMC Floss 3685 & 99 Varigated
Weeks Dye Works 1091 Whitewash

1st Mini Bag
Buzzin' For You
14 ct DMC Impressions with Light Pink Hearts
DMC Floss - Color Substitutions, Heart Buttons
Background Fabric is Inside Lining
Made by Mom

Bella's Valentine Tree

I thought I would start our tradition for her with an ornament each year and a perfume bottle along with her chocolate. She will also need a new bag every few years I'm sure since I just happen to have different size bags waiting to be accessorized.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cross Stitch


Care Bear E Block
For Isabella's Quilt

BJ the Bulldozer
by The Stichworks
14 ct White Aida, DMC Floss

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Snow, Snow Go Away
Come Again Another Year????

Father Winter decided to pay Northern Middle Tennessee another visit yesterday afternoon. I left work at 1:20 because Jennifer called and said our road was covered and slushy already. It was still raining at work.

The roads were fine until I reached the red light in Greenbrier and then the winter storm appeared. It was amazing that the road before the light was fine and after the light was not. Thank goodness we only live about 5 miles or so from the light and no one seemed to mind poking along at 20 miles an hour.

This is our road in front of the driveway leaving for work this morning. Nice and frozen. I walked out before leaving to see if the black part was really the road and it was - with a nice coating of ice of course.

another 3 inches to clean off the trucks

sticking to the trees again
so neat to watch

shade garden close to the house

wrought iron collects snow very well

good thing no birds in this house

accumulating on more trees

drifts really well with the wind we had

It would be so nice if Father Winter would pack up his bags and leave town. Unfortunately he is scheduled for another visit tomorrow afternoon. Mother Nature needs to kick him out of town since he apparently has no plans to leave on his own. Spring can't get here fast enough.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Real Snow This Time

Please join me in a tour of our winter garden as I shuffle around in Mom's new rubber boots. She found these on clearance at Ross' and they are wonderful. I've got to get me a pair.

Enter Our Winter Wonderland

our garden gate

the magnolia tree looked fabulous

bird cage by back patio

chubby robin waiting for Wild Cat to finish
so he could eat

chubby's friends weren't so confident
they chose to wait higher up

neighbor's barn at edge of our flower garden

butterfly house

basket hanging at back edge of garden

swing with a cold seat

bench with an even colder seat

little pond in garden

birdhouse in the reading corner of the garden

back patio swing

Last Wednesday we got snow, 3 inches of this gorgeous stuff and the roads were horrible. I took a vacation day, stayed home and played. By Wednesday afternoon the main roads were clear and the back roads were starting to slush up. By Thursday afternoon everything was back to normal. It seems like we have had more snow this year than ever before. They said this is our normal only we haven't had normal for the last several years. Here's hoping normal doesn't visit us again any time soon.

Our own state groundhog, Chattanooga Chuck, is predicting no early spring and lots more winter. What a major dud!