Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for Green

Looking for More Signs of Spring Coming

buttercup blooms getting nice and plump

mums coming back

sedum peaking through

snowdrops in abundance

and tulips making a good stand

This past weekend was sunny and beautiful with the temps in the low 60s. Amazing what a couple of days of pretty weather can accomplish in the flower garden. Now we are back to 30s-40s and snow showers/flurries. We can't wait for spring to arrive.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pay It Forward

I am one of the lucky winners of a PIF from Barb at Around Barb's Bend so I'm now going to have a drawing of my own and it is open to everyone. I don't mind mailing to other countries.

This one is so easy since no stitching is actually involved and is especially great for those that don't have any stitching time available or don't care for the finishing part of stitching.

If you would like to receive 5 stitching items from me, please comment on this message or e-mail me directly, clearly indicating that you would like to be included in my Pay It Forward drawing by Monday, March 1 at midnight. I will announce 3 winners on Tuesday morning, March 2. Please remember to include your e-mail address so I can send you a note if you are a winner!

Here are the rules:

1. Send no less than 5 stitching related items per person within the next 365 days.

2. Items can be DMC, other threads, stitching needles, straight pins, buttons, scissors, ribbons, etc.

3. The items must be new and not used -- Send things you would like to receive.

4. If you win you must be willing to post this PIF on your blog and do the same for at least 2 people.

This is a very simple PIF and very easy to do so I hope you'll give it a try.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cross Stitch Baby


Sylvester - Looney Tunes
The Big Book of Cross Stitch
by Leisure Arts
Pre-Finished Baby Bib

Block A
Care Bears ABC
Paragon, by Gloria & Pat

The first of 26 letters and 4 corner blocks with care bear cousins in the corners. The care bear material will be the backing and the orange/gold behind the bib will be the sashing. There will be a very small dark green edging around all the blocks before the orange/gold sashing. One down and lots to go.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Wednesday

I'm joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday this week. I have one of Mom's white pineapple afghans she has made. They are 12 block afghans and are perfect to curl up with during these cold winter months. This particular one will be a wedding present for a friend's son.

just gorgeous

pineapple doily with my new scissors
Aren't they beautiful

full size picture of Mom's crochet afghan

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking For Signs of Spring

One ground hog said 6 more weeks of winter and the other said spring was coming. I'm afraid we are in the part of the country that is getting 6 more weeks of winter. It sure is hard to find something green in the garden when it keeps snowing. We had more this past weekend but it followed a 1/2" of ice first.

wind chimes have a hard time blowing in the breeze
when they are covered in ice

we do have some green on our pots
by the driveway

old fashioned buttercups coming up in the backyard
what a wonderful site to see

green on the back porch flowerpots

more buttercups trying to come up in the garden

thank goodness for the red birdfeeders
at least they add some color to the garden and the
birds eat their food almost faster than I can fill them up

more green in the planter flower pots

good stand of buttercups in the flower garden
we can't wait for them to bloom

birdbath base showing its green

Mom said our snow is hanging around waiting for more snow. Seems she is definitely right on this one. News said this morning we have had a record 7" of snow this winter which is the most in about 15 years. Our average is 2.2".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cross Stitch


Winter Dragon
For Jennifer's Valentine Present

Cross My Heart - Dragon Fire
28 Count Evenweave, Over 2
DMC & Kreinik Blending Filament

For Connor - LDI

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dreaming of Spring & Flowers

With our 4th winter storm warning coming through since January 1 we are more than ready for spring to arrive, the flowers/trees to bud and the blooming season to start.

cross stitch flowers Jennifer stitched for Mom
Iris, Peony, Hydrangea

dried hydrangeas Mom did last summer

Blue Old Country Roses picked up at TJ Maxx

tulip candlesticks and little pitcher

chocolate set

mini teapots
magnolia, iris, peony

gardening books to help with the new season to come

old crock in the kitchen

Just some of our flowers in the house. Spring can't arrive fast enough for us. Then it will be back to weeding, mowing, planting and watering.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The need for purses. I don't have a purse to match all my shoes but I do have a purse for every occasion and season during the year. One of the many joys of shopping is finding a new purse on clearance for that special occasion that might come up.

my football purse
Go Vols
University of TN @ Knoxville

those delicate purses that look so good hanging up

that wonderful little black bag
perfect for that special evening

flea market purses to lighten my load
in order for all those great bargains

and then there are those for everyday use in my closet cabinet

drawer 1 holds the smaller size purses

drawer 2 has small purses

drawer 3 has medium size

and drawer 4 has larger sizes

And then of course not pictured are the large ones that hang in the back of my closet so they won't get messed up.

And then we have the accessories along with another small purse and lunchbag. There must be several different sizes of billfolds, cell phone holders, etc. in order to fit into the different size purses or your belt loops.

Oh the joy of shopping. Nothing is more fun than hitting those wonderful clearance racks at TJ Maxx and the department stores.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Wednesday

We Really Got Snow

After listening to the winter storm watches and warnings all week for this past weekend the snow finally started around 11:00 on Friday morning as flurries and continued through the afternoon. About 4:00 it started getting very heavy and covering the roads and appeared to be accumulating faster and faster - at least to us, who are not used to much if any snow during our winters. By the time it finished on Saturday morning we had about 5" on the ground and no ice.

Jennifer's house in all it's undisturbed beauty

our garden gate into the flower garden

hydrangeas by the front porch

fairy by the back porch and Mom's rose garden

backyard birdbath

cherub birdbath in Mom's rose garden

flower garden

swing in the flower garden

We had such a cold and beautiful weekend with all the snow and since none of us had to get out and go to work on Saturday it was enjoyable. Jennifer did have to work Sunday and had trouble getting out of her drive so Mom and I shoved it during the afternoon so the sun could melt it and she could get out on Monday with no problems.

We had no mail delivery on Saturday but Mom had to check just to make sure later in the day. She put on Alan's big ole boots and shuffled her way to the mailbox and back. It was a sight to behold.

Check out Kathleen at Faded Charm for more great White Wednesday blogs.