Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Gates & Leaves

Fall is so beautiful this year. With all the rain and the cooler temps the leaves are almost falling before they can turn colors. I think we have had better color this year than in the last several.

our old swing is catching leaves from the magnolia bushes nearby

our garden gate

rabbit birdbath catching leaves

entry gate I seen in Springfield yesterday afternoon
it looked as lopsided as the picture

another birdbath in the garden

fancy entry gate to side door of a Springfield home, they also had a massive gate to match for their parking area which was open and I couldn't get a picture of

ginko tree in garden with church in background


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Wednesday In The Linen Chest

First off is our white camilla which is blooming it's little heart out right now in the fireplace garden next to the driveway.

Now on to the linen chest. I have a lingerie chest in my bedroom which I store all our linens in. I thoroughly enjoy shopping flea markets and antique stores to see the heirlooms people are just giving away. How could they not want to keep these heirlooms, all the time and work it takes to make them so beautiful.

baby hat with rose, 1 child and 1 adult hat

another adult hat and long purse

beautiful long drawstring purse in great condition

2 smaller drawstring purses

both these small purses are in great shape
the drawstrings are a little frayed on the ends but that is all

My thanks to Kathleen at Faded Charm for hosting White Wednesdays. Please visit her to see more wonderful blogs.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Flowers

We still have a few flowers left in the garden which makes it a delight to walk around and find.

the rhododendron is coming out from the roots and is budding once again

the light pink camilla bush is doing so well this year and is beautiful

our red surprise lilies did surprise us and bloomed


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks


Sam (LDI)
The Riddler
DC Comics Super Heroes, Close Ups

Tyler-Ray (LDI)
Vanderbilt Commodores
Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN

Tyler-Ray (LDI)
Tennessee Volunteers
University of Tennessee - Knoxville, TN


Monday, October 19, 2009

Seeds of Fall

Another Sign of Fall is the Trees Going to Seed

our magnolias are beautiful with their red seed pods and dark green leaves

dogwood trees also showing their bright red seeds

and the polk showing their beautiful purple berries -- and here I thought we were doing fairly well keeping the weeds under control -- these popped up in the grape vines


Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 76th Birthday Aunt Zelda

Today is Your Day

Zelda Mae Belcher Partridge

a bouquet of roses from the garden to start your day along with

strawberries dipped in chocolate for breakfast

cupcakes for lunch

and a birthday cake big enough to celebrate 76 years and enough for all of us.

We wish you the happiest of birthdays and hope that your day is as special and wonderful as you are to us.

Love, Jennifer, June and Sandy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall is Arriving

A sure sign of fall -- beautiful mums and pumpkins galore. The mornings are so nice and brisk, the afternoons warmer and the evenings cooler once again. It is a joy to be outside working in the flower garden and around the house.

beautiful 2 colored mums found at Lowe's on Sunday

2 for the pots by the driveway coming onto the back patio

and 2 more for the pots by the back door

Velvet is ready and waiting to go in. When I get home from work the first thing we do is get out his "special" food, he eats, I sit and he is ready to be brushed and stroked until he thinks he has had enough then he goes on his merry way.

Yesterday I fed him and went straight back outside to plant the mums while Mom planted 2 Japanese Maple trees. He didn't have enough time to eat all his food because he was afraid he would miss something we were doing. Now he is determined we are done and doesn't mind telling us we should be done.

back door finished


Friday, October 9, 2009

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks


Care Bear Baby, Sweet Things
Bedtime Bear

Care Bear Baby, Sweet Things
Bedtime Bear Dreamer

These blocks are for lap quilts for children at Hatch's House, a new Pediatric Cancer Center in Chattanooga, TN. This is coordinated through Lavender Lime Quilting.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Wednesday At Our House

amazing what one coat of fresh paint can do for a house

front door

I'm Waiting

front porch

I'm ready to go in now

right side of house - we painted as far as we can reach - now to find something taller and draw straws to see who gets to go up there

no one is following me yet

back of right side we had to fix that started all the painting

We have had part of the last 2 Sundays that we were able to paint. The flat part of this roof above is some type of rubber stuff and last Sunday Mom was reapplying more to the cracks that developed over the summer. I was painting the siding and listening to Velvet whine because he was not getting any attention. I finally told him to go and talk to Mom. He looked at me and then flew up the tree and jumped over to the roof to keep her company for a few minutes. He then noticed the upstairs window was open and went on in and downstairs. I came through the front door about the time he hit the bottom stair, scooped him up and took him back outside the porch door on the other side of the house. He flew back around the house, up the tree and headed for the window before I could even walk back around the house. Mom just barely had time to shut the window before he got there. He came back down the tree and started whining to me again. He finally gave it up and laid down to watch us work.

Check out Kathleen at Faded Charm for more fabulous White Wednesdays blogs.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

The Bomb

Alan gave Mom and I his old truck which we accepted with the condition he would keep it running. So, he gave me a list of 5 things that needed worked on and asked me to bring it to work for our mechanic to work on. I told Alan I would do this on Friday so Thursday night he drove it out of the back field and around the house and backed it in the driveway so I could just pull out in the morning. And I'm the one that chose Friday - dumb.

I woke up I don't know how many times Thursday night. Not a good start to Friday. It was still raining and dark when I left the house for work. Really not a good start to my day.

First Off, I load the trash for the dumpster and notice Alan left a box of empty beer bottles in the back of the truck -- no tailgate. I picked them up and the box falls apart and old beer runs down my leg. I cuss, go back into the house for a bag to put them in while trying to keep the cats outside. I didn't want the beer bottles rolling out of the truck going to work -- I could just see a ticket from the cops for that one. I finally get everything in the truck and left 1 cat in the house and I'm ready to go. It starts right off and keeps on running. My day is perking up I thought. Then in the dark I am looking for the lights and windshield wipers. I pull on the 1 knob and it comes off -- oops. Try and finally get it back on and turn it instead, the wipers start working. Now I'm looking for the lights and no more knobs but there is a stick thing so I twist and pull and twist some more. Lights finally come on I think -- who knows how -- surely not me. I pull out the driveway and stop at the church to see if the lights are really on -- they are shining on the church sign so on I go to work. It is still dark and raining.

I get to the post office to pick up work's mail and damn. I have to roll the window all the way down so I can open the truck door and it is still raining.

I get to work and turn off the wipers and try to turn off the lights. Since I don't know what turned them on I start pulling, pushing and twisting that stick thing. It finally pushes in and the lights go off. Now time to get out and damn, it is still raining so I roll the window down to open the door so I can go in and start my day.

The Bomb being worked on

Had to bring the truck back to work on Monday and I must say no rain helped tremendously. We are back to running like we should and the door handle is now fixed. Can't get much better than that.