Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dumb & Dumber

But First

the star magnolia
suffered a blight last year and we only
have a few blooms this year

wild turkeys crossing the field
next to our garden

the hill we went down empty handed
doesn't look so steep in the picture
does it

rocks and pole we found at the bottom of the hill
in the woods

new star magnolia starting to bloom

Sunday afternoon as I was trying to take pictures of the wild turkeys I seen a telephone pole in the woods that had been bulldozed down when the field was used for beans last year. Of course we had to be check it out and found it was rotten but another was close by along with 2 good sized rocks and 1 smaller rock.

Yesterday afternoon we pulled our trusty little wagon around the barn and down the field to load her up. We were doing just fine and dandy until it came time to head back up the hill. Mom pulled and pulled while I pushed and pushed and pushed some more. About 1/2 way up Alan finally noticed we were not moving and here he came to save the day just muttering away about DUMB and DUMBER. It felt like we flew up the rest of the hill with him pulling and us pushing. And of course he just had to ask what we were going to do with our haul and shakes his head knowing we didn't know but that we just needed it especially since it was just sitting there waiting for us to find it. hahaha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Blooms

After a beautiful Saturday and cold Sunday spring temps are back in Middle TN for the first part of this week. I walked around the garden Sunday afternoon trying to make mental notes of all that needs to be done and it is enough to make one think of the little men in white coats chasing me through the garden for their mental home. The helleborus are continuing to bloom and lots more are sprouting up for their time in the sun.

solid mauve and so beautiful
we only have 1 small plant of this one

my cactus made it through the winter
and turned a beautiful red

creamy white helleborus
we have lots of these beautiful plants

pink fairy rose coming out

light mauve helleborus
we have lots of these beautiful plants also

foxgloves actually lived through the winter
first time ever!

old fashioned buttercups still blooming

the itoh peonies are coming up and sprouting both
can't wait to see them blooming this year

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Awesome Stool, Chair & Bench

We received our latest issue of Country Living yesterday and they had this fabulous Pennsylvania craftsman's chair from Bradford Woodworking. Checked out his website and he has more great stuff.

tractor seat stool

pitchfork chair

arched rafter bench

I would love to have some of all of these and more for our home and garden.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early Spring Blooms

We've had the mildest winter ever and it is wonderful. Less than 1" of snow for the season and a few very cold days every so often.

good crop of moss on Mom's side of the house

crocus starting to bloom

lone buttercup so far blooming
plenty more with buds

the helleborus are full of blooms

surprise lilies are coming up strong

gorgeous red camellia
blooming with lots more to follow
the white camellia is also full of buds

Everything in the garden is starting to come up or bud. I sure hope this month and March stays as mild or we could lose lots of blooms and plants.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


New Additions to Our Garden

Sparkling Diamond

Cotton Candy

Tiger Jade

Onyx Odyssey

These 4 beauties are going in the planter next to the patio so we can enjoy their gorgeous blooms everyday without thinking about it. Nothing worse than having beautiful blooms you miss because you didn't walk around that side of the house!