Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom's White Wednesday

We are joining Kathleen at Faded Charm with a few of Mom's whites about the house this week.

miniature magnolia teapot on a beautiful scarf with crochet edging in the living room

crochet doily we framed years ago hangs in Mom's bedroom

stack of crochet pineapple squares waiting to be made into an afghan

old covered vegetable dish

vegetable dish again in corner cabinet where it resides in the living room


Monday, September 28, 2009

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks


Brennen (LDI)
The Chimpanzee, Endangered Young'uns
Stitched By My Daughter Jennifer

Taylor (LDI)
Clift Top Lighthouse
Just Cross Stitch Magazine, August 2003

Taylor (LDI)
Tropical Fish Tales, True Colors


Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is Coming

One of the sure signs of fall coming is tobacco hanging in the barns. I delivered a quilt for one of our kid's I stitched for Monday in Cross Plains and came home on Hwy 25 and Hwy 49.

no fire in this barn

tobacco being fired in these next 3 barns -- I don't smoke and never have but I sure enjoy driving by and taking a whiff

some only show little smoke while others

show a lot of smoke

doesn't matter if there is a little smoke or a lot the smell is wonderful and signals the arrival of fall


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Wednesday - Back in the Garden

We are going back to the garden for our White Wednesday that Kathleen at Faded Charm is hosting. Check out her blog for some more wonderful participating blogs. I hope you enjoy.

White passion flower vine that keeps coming back year after year. We have never planted one but sure enjoy their beauty now that we have them although they do try to take over.
Our lady fountain we have moved inside the back porch door. Now we can enjoy it coming and going all year long.

white crape myrtles keep on blooming

old barn wood birdhouse -- looks like I was standing crooked doesn't it

sweet autumn clematis -- that heavenly smell draws us to the garden every time


Monday, September 21, 2009

Heritage Sampler

Aury is having a SAL for the gorgeous Heritage Sampler she has designed. She started offering installments on September 15 and will continue each month with a new installment. Visit her blog Acerca del bordado where she is giving all the details and a wonderful story about her family history.

I already have the fabric and ordered my silk threads Friday. She has also included the DMC conversion for this project. I can't wait for my HDF silks to arrive so I can start. I love these colors.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally Friday

We have gotten some much needed rain this week and everything looks so fresh and clean. There has been a lot of flooding in Middle Tennessee and will continue to be more through today as much rain as we are supposed to be getting.

Wild Cat in his newest favorite sleeping spot -- on top of our carport, out of our way and not helping us work in the garden. He would much rather watch from a distance and under the bradford pear tree.

Morning glories starting to bloom - have to look fast early morning and late evening.

Sedum blooming in Mom's rose garden under the kitchen window.

Lynn's wax begonia that is living and blooming. She has given us cuttings several times and so far so good this time. We decided to put it in a pot this year instead of planting in the garden. Have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Wednesday Around the House

Another Great White Wednesday Has Arrived

First off is a cross stitch angel Jennifer stitched for Mom last Christmas. Pattern is one of the freebies from Mirabilia. She did a fabulous job and it is gorgeous. It now hangs in our den so we can enjoy it's beauty everyday.

Bathroom Renovation This Past Spring

Our house did not have a bathroom until 1974. They still used the old out house in the backyard. There was an outside porch on the side of the house and this is where they put the bathroom when they decided to add one. It is very tiny and had 1 room off of it that was used for storage. Thank goodness we didn't move in until 1975.

I just happened upon the white sink base at Lowe's for $10.00 and that started the entire renovation mess. We have such a small space the pedastal sink now gives us an illusion of more space. And of course we had to have a new mirror along with lights.

Mom's bargain pewter lamp she found at a yard sale. It resides in the corner of our dressing room off the bathroom.

Our new chest we needed for the dressing room and found at a local antique mall. This little room is just off the bathroom and we have always used it for storage until this past year. We replaced the dark brown paneling with white beadboard paneling and that makes the room seem so much larger. It was such a great addition to the bathroom and we enjoy it so much.

Please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for some more great White Wednesday blogs.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Around the House & Garden

We still have a few blooms around the house and garden but they are sure disappearing fast. Fall is on the way. The mornings are so enjoyable with the cooler temps now although night sure comes a lot quicker than last month.

purple ivy leaf geranium by the back door -- will stay beautiful until frost

birdbath base we found at Home Depot on clearance - perfect for our little top in the fireplace garden next to our house

annabelle hydrangea still hanging on in the backyard

scarecrow chimes we have in the red daylily bed at the back corner of the flower garden

the water hyacinths have multipled so well in our little pond - now to see if I get a bloom before frost


Friday, September 11, 2009

Last of Summer Roses

Mom's roses have done so well in the garden this year. We have enjoyed their scents and blooms all summer long. I hope you enjoy them as well.




climbing red-orange-yellow, maybe next year it will climb


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Wednesday & Old House

Last week our washer quit and we had to have a repair man come out and fix it. While there he mentioned he was also a general contractor so we had him look at the side of the house and give us an estimate for replacing the masonite siding that has needed done for some time now. He did and we were not impressed at all with his figure since we were furnishing the material. Mom dwelled on it for a week and decided we could do it ourselves.

before starting with scaffolding

we dug right in and started ripping off the old, Alan came to investigate and see what we were up to and stayed to help

day 1

clouds started moving in with thunder

we dug out the tarp and covered up the house just in case of rain, we did manage to get 2 brief showers out of the clouds and by then the mood to work was gone

clouds moved out

Day 2 - we put up the new siding before tearing out any more of the old -- thank goodness it was still good and we had enough. We have had it stored in our shed for the past 10 years.

finished day 2

sun came out just as we finished cleaning everything up -- now to paint

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Yard Sale Goodies

One of Mom's friends and my aunt were having a yard sale last weekend. Mom went with my aunt to deliver some stuff and came home with some wonderful concrete pieces they no longer wanted -- even better they were free.

Velvet watching as we lugged concrete around the garden

birdbath pedestal -- for now will hold the boot - I plan to put hens and chicks in both boots

another pedestal which is perfect for the birdbath we found at the concrete junk yard in Kentucky a few years ago

close up of the fountain

no base for the fountain so we put it in a raised flower bed which is perfect - we needed a planter for annuals in this corner for next year