Friday, May 29, 2009

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks

I belong to several groups that make quilts for kids with life threatening or life altering illnesses. Here are some of my latest finishes.


Kami - LDI
Girly Quilt
Funky Fingers
(So Girly, A Girl's World)

Kami - LDI
Girly Quilt
Twinkle Toes
So Girly, A Girl's World

Any Child - Love Quilts USA
Happy Clown Portrait
Clowns at Work & Play

Luke - Love Quilts USA
Lighting McQueen
Disney/Pixar "Cars" Kit

Sophia - Love Quilts USA
Frog Music
Lattuca Designs

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green Beans, Tomatoes & Strawberries

Mom's Scarecrow
We have had him for several years and he was hiding in the shed. Mom dug him out and dressed him in her shirt and ties to flap hoping to keep the deer and wild turkeys away. This will be the new late green bean patch. Alan & Mom have already planted once. Rain washed bottom end away, the deer trampled through the middle and the wild turkeys ate the tops off of what was left. Now we have Mr. Scarecrow for the future crop.

Alan & Mom's Other Green Beans & Tomatoes
They finally got to plant them last week. The tomatoes started blooming while in the wagon waiting to be planted. We got a few days of no rain last week and the ground finally dried out enough to plant. Green beans coming up already.

Our current strawberry crop hanging full of berries. We now have a strawberry patch waiting for these plants.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


one of our helpers

rhododendron in front of house

red and white geraniums with Mr. Rabbit

red (?) clematis
sure looks like purple to me

pink tree peony

light blue iris

Spring Gardening

My Mom and I started our flower garden in 1990 with a row of pink and white peonies she had gotten from her mother and 2 rows on either side of wild orange daylilies. It has grown considerably over the years and at times the weeds seem to run amuck. We received a huge load of tree mulch this year and are attempting to take back control of our garden. Here are some pictures of our garden this spring.