Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday was a perfect day in Middle Tennessee for a wedding, sunny and in the mid 70s. We couldn't have had a more beautiful day for Jennifer.

Mr. & Mrs. Fernando Clemente
they were smiling just before the picture snapped

cake and presents from Mom and Me
before we left for the wedding
cake from Sweet N Sassy Bakery

cake with her beautiful topper

Mom and I have been mowing Jennifer's yard this spring and Clemente, bless his heart, said he will take over next week. We bought them a new mower, gave them money and I promised to stitch her The Wedding by Marilyn Leavitt Imblum, Told In A Garden Designs, and have it done by her 5 year anniversary.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clematis' Are Blooming

Most of our clematis' have started blooming and are so beautiful, but first

Mom's birthday bird in his new home
soon to be surrounded by peony blooms

transplant blooming this first year

pale lavender double blooms in the garden

gorgeous this year in the reading corner

light purple in front corner
by driveway to barn

stripes at back of garden

Velvet waiting patiently for me
to finish taking pictures

dark purple by pond
supposed to be red - haha

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Our beautiful rhododendrons - we are down from 3 to 1. They used to cover one entire side of the front porch all the way to the roof but 2 have died in the last few years. It is still a beautiful bush but nothing compared to what we used to have.

sprouts/new leaves
coming out from the one remaining

bloom on the sprouts

bloom on the main bush

beautiful lavender colors

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Play Toy

One of our newest play toys is now up and running. We were at Lowe's a few weeks ago and seen this composter and fell in love so we got 2. Not even a week later they ran an ad and they were $10 cheaper than we paid for ours so Mom went back to Lowe's with our receipt to get a $20 refund. The clerk didn't think he could do that so Mom suggested he call his manager, otherwise she was bringing them both back. The manager came and said no problem, no need to bring them back and gave her our refund. Yippee. Since Alan couldn't play outside Saturday with his toys during the storms he put together 1 of our composters.

full and working it's magic

little pond I cleaned out last Sunday
storms Saturday filled it 1/2 full

my reading corner nice and clean

weeding was so much easier from
all the storms and rain on Saturday

clematis blooming better than ever
in the reading corner

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cross Stitch

Baby Finishes

Chow Time, Denim Darling Bib
from Charles Craft
and little shorts outfit
3rd baby boy present this year

Easter Peeps
Freebie from Vee & Co
Stitched on Light Yellow 14 Ct with DMC Floss

This will be made into an Easter bag next year for our new baby as soon as Jennifer finds out what she is having. I plan on covering buttons with the 4 little designs to secure the Easter Peeps to the bag and Mom will make the inside lining.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whites in the Garden

Another Wednesday already and here are some of our whites this week.

Mom's angel as you come in the driveway
she will soon be surrounded by peony blooms

one of Grandma's Belcher's
white iris at the end of driveway

lamb's ear making a comeback this year

old fashioned white rose
back corner of flower garden


white tree peony close up again
this particular bush is s


and has 3 extremely large blooms on it
best it has ever done

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Gorgeous Tree Peonies

Mom's tree peonies are blooming their hearts out right now and are so gorgeous. Their blooms show up all across the flower garden and beckon one in from the road to enjoy their beauty.

dark pink by the house

underneath petals just as pretty as top side

more pink blooms

dark pink/purple in the flower garden

blooming better than it ever has before

by the little pond

perfect way to end the weekend
Alan's grill almost ready for meat

We had perfect weather for this past weekend, sunny and cool. Mom worked on her rose and iris beds on Saturday and I actually got the little pond cleaned out and ready for water on Sunday. Alan grilled supper, we moved stuff from Jennifer's house to our house and the weekend was over way to quickly.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peonies, Iris, Etc

Our fireplace garden next to the house is coming to life with iris' and tree peonies. Such a cheerful sight when pulling in the driveway.

purple iris

white tree peony close up

white tree peony with lots of buds
one of the first to bloom

foxglove in the main flower garden
bought 3 plants and 3 packs of seeds
thank goodness 1 came back

pink tree peony close up

pink tree peony
also has lots of buds
hopefully the ones in the main garden will do as well

Japanese maple in the main garden
new baby from last year has come out very well
this is replacing a 10 year old Japanese maple that died

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of our blooming garden. Have a great rest of the week.