Friday, June 26, 2009

Around Our Garden

Different things we have sitting around the garden plus more daylilies.

End of old iron chair propped again a planted telephone pole. A guy from work was throwing this away and I rescued it. The slats were nothing but rot and we threw them out and placed the 2 ends around the garden. Concrete doves are at the top of the pole and a clematis was on the other side climbing the trellis. It bit the dust this year.

two tone day lilies

big sun dial at end of new peony bed

dark hot pink daylily - we have a couple of these plants all in different shades of pink

small sun dial in center of garden

lavender daylily - we have several of these also in different shades

hanging gazebo by pond garden

spider daylilies by pond garden

iron work on fence post at back of garden with hanging wire basket


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bird & Butterfly Houses

A Few of Our Birdhouses and Our Butterfly House

church birdhouse in the shade garden close to the patio

birdhouse in my corner garden

butterfly house -- never seen a butterfly go in but the wasps sure like to build nests in it

Tall white birdhouse behind the japanese maple or rather what is left of the japanese maple - between the late freeze and drought in 2007 and dry summer last year it is having a very hard time.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Benches, Daylilies & Swings

We have 4 concrete benches and 2 swings placed around our garden. Our cats seem to enjoy lounging on them while they watch us work.

double light peach daylily

bench under the althea bush close to the peeling white swing

hot pink daylily

bench in front of purple (supposed to be red) clematis - the iron work the clematis is on is one we picked up at a yard sale - the lady just wanted to get rid of them

yellow trimmed in red daylily

swing in back corner of our garden - it is surrounded by bald cypress trees on 3 sides and a ginko tree behind it

double orange/red daylily

white peeling swing -- we figured if we waited long enough it would peel right off for us - seems to be slowly working


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blooming In The Garden This Week

a few of our other flowers that are blooming

blackberry lily in the fireplace garden next to our house

pink oriental lily blooming by Mom's big pagoda in the fireplace garden

Uncle Bill's garlic - it has moved from one side of the garden to the other - must like the yellow daylilies better than the orange ones

small pagoda and mossy rock -- looks so neat by our little pond

butter & eggs - moves all over the garden - it has chosen the pond area this year

Queen Anne's Lace - better know as the "chigger weed" in Tennessee and it lives up to it's name. Nothing like going to work covered in pink or red nail polish because you are trying to stop the itching and didn't have any clear nail polish.


Monday, June 22, 2009

And The Winner Is

The June Give-A-Way Winner is: Carol, Vintage Crafter

Thank you all for joining in my give-a-way and leaving comments. I appreciate them all.

the drawing

the winner

Page yellow double daylilies that bloomed over the weekend. Just gorgeous.


Friday, June 19, 2009


Our Beautiful Double Daylilies



Dark Red

My corner in full bloom with the wild orange daylilies and yellow daylilies. It would be so nice to sit and relax if the humidity wasn't so bad. Hot, hot days of June are upon us.

These yellow dayliles surround the annabelle hydrangea and are gorgeous. They sit between the driveway and my corner garden.

**** Don't forget my give-a-way post from Monday, June 8. The deadline to leave a comment on that post is Saturday at midnight. I will draw the winner on Sunday, 6/21. ****


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birdbath Planter

I saw a picture similar to my birdbath planter in a magazine and decided to make my own since I had plenty of pots to choose from and an extra birdbath just waiting for a project.

The hens and chicks wintered over very well this year. The spider web hens are new this spring. Hopefully they will wintered well also. I have planted morning glory seeds in the middle to climb up the piece of iron work.

In the lower tier I have peach/orange moss roses, rubra pussy toes which have a bloom and platts black brass buttons which looks like a fern. The pussy toes and brass buttons are supposed to wintered here. We shall see.

I am very happy with the final result. Once the flowers fill in it should look great.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Frogs & Daylilies

Our daylilies are just about in full bloom. What a beautiful site to see as you walk the garden or even drive by our house.

hot pink daylily

Our frog in a pot of fushias and hostas. You just have to smile as you walk by and see him.

lavender and purple daylily

Frog birdbath found at Big Lots. Birds seem to love this one. We see them perching on the frog and they look quite funny at times.

purple daylily


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Old Man & Old Pots

We have been very fortunate to be able to pick up some fantastic concrete pieces here and there. One great place was in Kentucky which has gone out of business. This guy made the most unusual pieces was cheap to boot.

This old man we picked up at the concrete junkyard in Kentucky. He definitely adds character to our garden.

Our Tennessee wildflower, brown eyed susans, that have decided to honor us with their presence this year.

Wonderful old flower pot we got from Mom's friend Betty when she moved. This was in 2 pieces and we wired it back together. I found an aluminum light fixture in the trash at work and put it in the pot for my yellow prickly pear cactus. The cactus has finally decided to live and has starting sprouting.

light pink oriential lily

The most fabulous pot from Mom's friend Betty and nothing wrong with this one. She could not take them to her new home and we were thrilled to receive them. We planted knock out roses in it this year and hopefully they will thrive.

Purple coneflowers that have finally decided they like us. We have tried several times to grow them but until this year have never had any success. They finally found 2 spots they seem to like.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Daylilies & Deer Food

First, some of our beautiful daylilies. They are putting on quite a show this year.

two tone lavender/purple

gorgeous light pink

one of our darkest purple

this is a gorgeous double pink/salmon

light/dark mauve

The deer came to visit the other night and had a feast. In order to keep them away from the vegetables we put a fence around the garden. Now they visit the flower garden.

these were phlox and are close to our house -- doesn't matter to them

daylilies they loved and cleaned out a huge patch

annabelle hydrangea - they ate every last bloom

My butterfly weed that took several years of transplanting to get to live -- they really loved them and snacked on them in several places.