Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blooms So Far This Year


  1. Sandy, I am going to send my upcoming garden tour group to YOUR house, then they would see what a real garden looks like! You have so many beautiful flowers blooming. I love the double white clematis and those iris and peonies are spectacular. Is that a rhododendron or an azalea? I have never seen a bush so full of blooms.

    Don't you wish you could just freeze time on the blooms so they last longer? You have such an eye for color and form. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

    1. Karen that is a rhododendron and we used to have 3 of them across the front of the house. They were truly spectacular. Thanks so much for your nice comments and yes I wish the blooms last much longer. My granddaughter loves smelling and picking them all.


  2. So many beautiful blooms! I love all the colors of your irises.