Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little By Little

We made some progress during the months of July and August. I chose to start at the back of the garden since it is in the shade during the morning hours with our 95+ degree summer days these past months. But first here is a beautiful flower blooming:

"Cypella Herbertii" Goblet Flower
an Iris relative and gorgeous
I planted by the little pond so it wouldn't
get lost in the mess we call a garden

our line of crape myrtles
trimmed up and ready to bloom

stella de oro daylilies and
3 new hydrangea seedlings planted this weekend
we started from Grandma Belcher's bush
all cleaned out and weed free
bald cypress trees not happy with the
summer heat and no rain

the back corner
K-Mart red daylilies - weed free
chase tree and rose bush both trimmed up

sweet autumn clematis gone
and rugosa rose free to live
I plan on making a concrete block planter
and replant the roses in the near future

Wild Cat sleeping while we work

I am so glad our 90+ days seem to be behind us. Over Labor Day weekend we got about 2" of rain which has helped with the weeding so much, now I can actually dig out some of the blackberry vines and weedy trees instead of cutting them down which makes for a huge since of accomplishment.


  1. So impressive to work through the heat. That's just so cool you had the resolve to gather seeds from Grandma's hydrangea. I'm sure they must be close to your heart.

  2. This has been a really hot summer. You made great progress in your garden despite the heat, it looks really nice. The red daylilies sound very pretty!

  3. Isn't it fun and gratifying to be able to accomplish changes in the garden? It's amazing what just pruning or moving a plant can do for the vistas. I'm enjoying our cooler weather, too, just perfect for working.

  4. It is looking great, Sandy! It is supposed to be cool this weekend, so you can play in the garden even more!!