Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peonies, Iris, Etc

Our fireplace garden next to the house is coming to life with iris' and tree peonies. Such a cheerful sight when pulling in the driveway.

purple iris

white tree peony close up

white tree peony with lots of buds
one of the first to bloom

foxglove in the main flower garden
bought 3 plants and 3 packs of seeds
thank goodness 1 came back

pink tree peony close up

pink tree peony
also has lots of buds
hopefully the ones in the main garden will do as well

Japanese maple in the main garden
new baby from last year has come out very well
this is replacing a 10 year old Japanese maple that died

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of our blooming garden. Have a great rest of the week.


  1. You do have a real huge garden!! With lots of beautiful flowers in it. Great photo's!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. My new rose is going crazy. Pic's on my blog.

    It is cool and drizzly today. So I am sure that I will get lots of new growth.

  3. How pretty! It is always wonderful to have such cheery flowers to welcome you home! blessings,Kathleen