Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bird & Butterfly Houses

A Few of Our Birdhouses and Our Butterfly House

church birdhouse in the shade garden close to the patio

birdhouse in my corner garden

butterfly house -- never seen a butterfly go in but the wasps sure like to build nests in it

Tall white birdhouse behind the japanese maple or rather what is left of the japanese maple - between the late freeze and drought in 2007 and dry summer last year it is having a very hard time.



  1. There is just something so charming about birdhouse in the garden and you sure have some cute ones...... It is so blazing hot here in Texas there isn't much left....... yours is lovely.... don't you just love summer..

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog Sandy. I love the name of blog and your garden is wonderful.

  3. that was a fun tour, i love attracting birds and butterflies to my garden, your garden is lovely!~jacque

  4. Love your garden. I would love to have a butterfly house. Your flowers are wonderful!