Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Angels & Cherubs in the Garden

Here are some of our angels and cherubs that we have in our garden.

Mom's bargain from TJ Maxx Home Goods. Don't know what we would do without that store.

My iron angel I picked up at the Nashville Flea Market one Christmas several years ago.

One of a pair of cherubs we picked up at a roadside stand for a great bargain surrounded by yellow and wild orange daylilies.

Row of the wild orange daylilies that makes 1 of 2 of the outside borders of the flower garden.

Our other cherub surrounded by spider's wort and rose champions.

Rose Champions from Aunt Mary. They have a mind of their own and pop up where ever they like.

Angel in the birdbath. Mom received her as a gift several years ago.



  1. How pretty! Your garden is lovely. I especially like the cherub surrounded by spider's wort and rose champions.


  2. Hi Sandy,
    I was so happy to see you stopped by and left a message so I could find you. I've been looking around your lovely blog.
    I love old barns too. Your pictures of these wonderful structures are great. Won't it be sad when they are no longer standing in our landscapes. I hope many of them will be preserved for the future. I love all the angels and cherubs in your garden. I have a special place in my heart for angels.