Monday, July 25, 2016

Blooming This Weekend

hardy hibiscus

hardy hibiscus and
vanilla strawberry hydrangea

peppermint crape myrtle

fairy garden waiting for fairies

million bells - annuals

hardy hibiscus

rose of sharon

It has been so hot and humid this year for far too long with very little rain.  We spend most of our time watering to keep everything alive instead of pulling weeds and we can sure tell it. The weeds seem to keep growing no matter what!!!


  1. Sandy, your garden looks fantastic, if you haven't had any rain to speak of, you're doing a wonderful job keeping everything watered! Oh, those weeds, they never end, nothing makes them quit. The hibiscus are glorious!

  2. Your garden is delightful, Sandy. Hardy hibiscus and Rose of Sharon are two of my favorites. It is hot and dry here in Texas, too, but we did get a shower yesterday!! Very exciting!! Happy gardening and thank you for sharing your pretty flowers!