Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Peonies for the Garden

Inspecteur Lavergne


Pillow Talk

Sunny Girl

Spring is getting closer and closer and we are buying peonies for the garden.  Inspecteur Laverne came from Bates Nursery in Nashville and the other 3 came from Iris City Gardens in Primm Springs.  We can't wait for them to come up and bloom! 


  1. Beautiful! I only have one peony, Sarah Bernhardt, but she's a keeper. :o) I love your new additions.

    1. Thank you. Sarah Bernhardt is one of my favorites and such a good one to have if your only one! I love looking at all your flowers and can't wait for spring and summer to arrive here! I tried to leave a comment but it bounced back for some reason. Have a great week!!!

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