Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Helper

so tender with a hurt butterfly she found

I need more water!

See how much mud I have!!

Saturday morning bright and early we carried all our new iris' and daylilies to the far side of the garden along with the shovels, post hole digger, wheelbarrow and watering cans full of water for planting.

Mom dug the 9 holes I needed around the fish tank for iris since I have never mastered the post hole diggers.  While we were deciding where to plant the daylilies Bella found a better use for the watering can full of water than me using it!  She managed to empty it into 7 of the holes so she could stomp in the mud.  She was covered all the way up to her diaper with mud and had a blast.  


  1. SO your little darling is a butterfly charmer Sandy. What a precious helper in the garden!!!
    sending hugs...

  2. Making mud is so much more fun than watering plants! :o) What a cutie!