Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Tour Part 2

This part of the tour will start on the left side entering the garden.

new chairs to enjoy the shade

our little boy and girl enjoying the daylilies

umbrella for the new hydrangea

stock tank is now planted

another bench to enjoy the daylilies

path to the driveway

white/pink crinum lilies blooming

We had a beautiful weekend but will be back in the 90s again starting today for the next 7 days plus and very low chances of rain.  Time to start watering again!


  1. Love those new chairs! Your daylillies look fantastic! Mine are about done.

  2. Hello Sandy, I've just spent the most enjoyable time looking through all your posts I've missed. I cannot get over how fast Bella is growing up...she is just adorable.

    I love the daylilies, you have an amazing collection. The ones with the dark centers and ruffles are gorgeous, I so wish the flowers lasted longer, don't you? And congratulations on the Master Gardener Beautification award, that is fantastic and Well Deserved!

    We've been in the 90's all week, and I'm wilting. And sweating. I hope you receive some refreshing, gentle rains soon.

    Thinking of you,

  3. You have so many beautiful daylilies Sandy! I think some plants are addicting and daylilies are definitely one of them. I love seeing your beautiful garden!!! I think it keeps us young :)
    sending hugs...