Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden Tour Part 1

We start this part of the tour at our driveway looking toward the left.

yellow daylilies in full bloom along with
the hydrangea behind them

standing in the road looking in

moving on down still in the road looking in

now for a closer look
back at the starting corner

and moving on down

coneflowers and black eyed susans

more daylilies and a dwarf colorado
blue spruce in the red pot

yellow daylilies and a
butterfly bush in the green pot

my butterfly bath with zinnas in the pot

And more to come next week.  We've just had a perfect weekend with the exception of no rain.  We surely do need it but the lower temps in the 80s was fantastic for working outside.


  1. Wow you have day lilies! Love those. Looking good. Nice weather here to. Enjoy it.

  2. Oh I love it all Sandy! It is so full of beautiful blooms my friend.
    hugs from here...