Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Master Gardeners Made Our Day

Beautification Award for June
from the Robertson County
Master Gardeners

Japanese Iris 

Japanese Iris

Rose Champions

new angel from
Peggy & Bob Boyer

We've had a wonderful week and it has just started!  The weather is great and we were awarded the Beautification Award for the month of June from the Robertson County Master Gardeners.  Our neighbors are master gardeners and they came and took pictures a couple of weeks ago tonominate us for the award for this month.  They came yesterday afternoon and put the sign in the garden and took pictures for our local paper.  We are so excited!

Our peonies have finished blooming and the Japanese Iris have started along with the Rose Champions.  The Rose Champions have taken over under the pine tree and look fantastic, apparently that is the best spot in the garden for them as they have pretty much died out everywhere else.  Thank goodness they found their spot and their blooms look spectacular around the tree.  Their picture does not do them justice at all.

Last but not least is our newest angel that was given to us by Peggy & Bob Boyer of Shelbyville when they visited a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks a lot guys, we love her.


  1. How wonderful Sandy!!! I am so excited for you and you are SO deserving too!!!!
    sending hugs...

  2. Congrats!! It was very well deserved. :o) Your garden is beautiful.

  3. Congratulations! Your garden is lovely.