Monday, April 1, 2013

Wheelbarrow A Big Hit

Bella & her new wheelbarrow
and rain boots

bricks & stepping stones for new pots

garden dirt, top soil, humus & cow manure

moved buttercups blooming

hellebores still blooming

What a nice cloudy/rainy not quite cold weekend we just had.  I made 2 trips to Lowes on Saturday morning to get garden dirt that was on sale and went ahead and stocked up on top soil, humus and cow manure.  Hopefully this weekend is going to be as nice and warm as they think and I will be ready to start filling all our new pots.  I also got stepping stones and bricks to put 3 of the larger pots on.

Mom & I got Bella a mini wheelbarrow and rain boots for Easter and she was tickled pink.  Now she can stomp in the mud puddles, help me move rocks and dig/move dirt.  She is ready to go!

We still have buttercups blooming and the older hellebores are still in full bloom and gorgeous.  

Hopefully spring is really on it's way this time!


  1. Aw, just look how happy she is with her new wheelbarrow. I bet she'll be helping around the yard with it soon! Your garden is so pretty with all the flowers blooming.

  2. You look like you and your helper are going to be busy. :o) She is a cutie!