Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wonderful Break

The garden is doing so well this year especially after the rain and cooler temps we had last week.  It was a wonderful week to be off work.  The past few weeks the temps had been over 100 and last week they fell to the 80s although we did have the humidity back.  Of course we are now back in the mid 90s with little rain here and there.  Summer is back!

the doves are back for another year

yellow water lilies are blooming very good
black elephant ears looking good too

pink water lilies are making a strong showing

beautiful angel stand we found at Marshall's

tall blue pot we found at TJ Maxx
with a hosta in it

short fat strawberry pot I picked up last year full of purple million bells

new galvanized tub
on an electrical spool I painted black
 full of pitiful looking geraniums

old tub with pink daisies

new pot I found on Craig's List
with red mandevilla doing well

gorgeous new pot found at a nursery in KY
with a royal red butterfly bush

little pot full of pink periwinkles
in a birdbath full of water hyacinths

new pot from TJ Maxx 
full of dark red ivy geraniums

new pot from Ross' with a pink mandevilla
behind it is another galvanized tub full of zinnas on an electrical spool painted green

old pot we've had forever with hens and chicks

I must say we have gotten on a pot kick this year.  In the spring we went to see a hosta garden and they had planted a lot of their hostas in pots and elevated them to be seen. It has given us many ideas and now we are on the hunt for lots of new pots and stands to put them on.  I think we've gotten a good start on finding them this year.  Can't wait to find more!


  1. Hi Sandy, oh, I love your pots! I have been on a similar mission here, too, with my urns. I love your blue ones, they are gorgeous.
    I'm glad your weather turned a 'little' cooler and that you got some rain, too.

    I have never planted a hosta in a container, but I've seen it done and have always found it to be attractive. Hostas do make a statement especially up close. I can't wait to see what you find next!

  2. Oooh I wish you would take me shopping for pots Sandy. You find such awesome ones! I love that stand with the cherubs on it (of course I would)

    I love how you have planted them up too. I am so happy to read that you had a little break in the weather for awhile. We had some 90 temps this month, but now we are back in the 80's again.
    sending hugs...