Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More New Pots

We have been hitting all  the Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's & Ross stores in our area over the last couple of months looking for spectacular buys on flower pots and have managed to snag a few.

beautiful purple/blue pot from
 Home Goods clearance counter
with a purple glass frog from Marshall's
clearance and planted with a curly fries hosta 

beautiful 4 in 1 pot from Lynn
planted with hens/chick on a 
newly painted base and Velvet

bright red/black pot from Bates Nursery
they had 50% off 1 item
planted with a hosta and new guinea impatiens

another Home Goods clearance pot
planted with a Luna Red Hardy Hibiscus

and the best for last

I had seen a picture of these spheres somewhere months ago so we saved our whiskey barrel rings as the barrels fell apart and had to be thrown away.  Then I went to the hardware store to get my hooks after deciding we had enough to start and came home to tell Alan what I wanted and would he make them.  After making a second trip to the hardware store and getting the right stuff this time I came back and he whipped out 4 of them this past weekend.  Didn't even have to dig my pictures out.  He did a fantastic job with them and they look great hanging in our trees in the flower garden.


  1. Everything is looking great in your garden! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those pots! Those iron spheres will look great year round, too.

  2. I sure do love your new pots Sandy!
    I love the sphere too.