Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Progress on Our Projects

Another project has been completed.  It's a miracle - we also got all the new daylilies planted within a week of buying them.  I think that is a first in many years!  We started at the small pond and worked our way to the back of the garden by the stock tank water garden planting new daylilies, coneflowers and yellow itoh peonies.  It has all been planted, mulched and looks great.

starting at the little pond 

and moving around

found a log and moved it in
moved the wagon in the back and
planted tuber roses

put cast iron butterflies on the mailbox pole
and planted pink coneflowers

this is looking from the back
into the middle of the garden

And another flower miracle - we were at Lowe's one evening last week and they had just finished marking down the yellow itoh peonies from $29.99 to $3.75.  We bought all 29 and laughed all the way home!!!!!!!!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful, Sandy! Great score on the plants!

  2. What a deal on the peonies!!!
    It all looks great. The log fits right in and I love the little wagon.