Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Sitting Area Under the Bald Cypress Trees

April has been every bit as wonderful as the month of March with 70s and 80s for daily temps. This would have been a perfect year to take the months of March and April off from work.

Scarlet Heaven Itoh Peony
in full bloom
absolutely gorgeous!

mini garden with lavender iris blooming
all the mini hostas came back and the
mini evergreens survived our mild winter

new camellia bed - 2 red and 2 white
we cleaned out all the Stella d'oro daylilies
and passed them on to other gardeners

standing in front of the new patio seating area in the
back part of the garden by the stock tank water garden - Oops
I see I forgot to trim the black weeding fabric

standing behind the new seating area
into the garden -
now for a couple of chairs
and we will be ready to relax!


  1. It's all looking good like it's just waiting to burst with growth!

  2. Love your new sitting area! That peony is incredible! What gorgeous flowers! Have a great week! :o)

  3. Yes, a couple of chairs and you are ready to go! The weather here has been nice lately as well. Enjoying it while I can... soon the 0 degree + days will be here.