Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Blooms

After a beautiful Saturday and cold Sunday spring temps are back in Middle TN for the first part of this week. I walked around the garden Sunday afternoon trying to make mental notes of all that needs to be done and it is enough to make one think of the little men in white coats chasing me through the garden for their mental home. The helleborus are continuing to bloom and lots more are sprouting up for their time in the sun.

solid mauve and so beautiful
we only have 1 small plant of this one

my cactus made it through the winter
and turned a beautiful red

creamy white helleborus
we have lots of these beautiful plants

pink fairy rose coming out

light mauve helleborus
we have lots of these beautiful plants also

foxgloves actually lived through the winter
first time ever!

old fashioned buttercups still blooming

the itoh peonies are coming up and sprouting both
can't wait to see them blooming this year

1 comment:

  1. What a treat Sandy. You already have flowers coming up? You will be in the thick of it before you know it. You lucky girl you : )!!!!
    many hugs...