Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early Spring Blooms

We've had the mildest winter ever and it is wonderful. Less than 1" of snow for the season and a few very cold days every so often.

good crop of moss on Mom's side of the house

crocus starting to bloom

lone buttercup so far blooming
plenty more with buds

the helleborus are full of blooms

surprise lilies are coming up strong

gorgeous red camellia
blooming with lots more to follow
the white camellia is also full of buds

Everything in the garden is starting to come up or bud. I sure hope this month and March stays as mild or we could lose lots of blooms and plants.


  1. Our helleborus are getting ready to bloom here as well- I was passing them by and made myself a mental to take a picture of them later. I love those- they are such a unique flower. We have had a mild winter here as well. Crazy weather. We aren't out of it yet, still time to get a big fat freeze. Who knows. The camellia is beautiful - what a vibrant red!

  2. I found your blog via Pinterest and I have to say your garden looks terrific! It's great to see your flowers coming alive already. Here in Finland we are covered with snow (had about 10 inches yesterday alone!). So I'm only daydreaming of flowers at the moment :). Have a great spring!