Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quilt for Bella

I Spy Quilt

any excuse will work to sit on the table

front with embroidery
for 1 year hand and foot prints

pink cats for the backing

Mom put my I Spy quilt top together this past week for Bella. We decided on using white eyelet in front of the pink ruffle to make it a little more girly. Bella was excited for maybe 5 minutes. She picked out her favorites and then tossed it aside and got down her Big Bird quilt from Aunt Zelda. She then snuggled down with him for a minute and then was on her way to something else. Since she started walking there is no slowing our girl down for anything.

1 comment:

  1. Bella just gets cuter every time I see her Sandy!
    Isn't it funny how busy they can be??? I know she will love her new quilt every time she needs her nap and bedtime. It turned out so beautifully!!!
    I see that you use this time while the garden is sleeping to do your sewing and needlecraft too. That is what I love about Winter. Right now I am sewing some new pajamas because mine are all worn out. I just love this time to sew. Something I don't get to do when the garden is growing.
    sending many hugs your way...