Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Before the Freeze

Our Neighbors Have Animals

These are Bella's views out the living room bay window. She sits in the window seat and watches the cars go by while waiting for the big dog & chickens.

their big dog - a great pyrenees
he just finished cleaning out the cat food bowl
Bella loves to see him and starts
hollering big dog, big dog
he is a beautiful dog and so friendly
and loves
cat food!

their chickens
on the front porch
cleaning up
the bird seed
and leaving lots and lots of poop

coming out from under the hydrangea bushes
at least Bella now knows what a real
chicken looks like

own own hens and chicks
appear to love their new home

Mom's pink camellia
loads of blooms this year

impatiens were doing great
until the freeze this past weekend
these were at the corner of our patio

lone iris still blooming

I've seen on many blogs the wonderful chicken houses being built and how many eggs they are getting and it all looks and sounds so wonderful.

But we live in the country more or less and chickens can and do run wild at times. This summer is the first time we had chickens visit our garden and there were only a couple of them. No big deal we thought. Then those 2 decided to bring their friends and this past week we had at least 7 at one time digging and scratching up everything they could. Mom mulched the new hydrangeas one morning and by the time I got home in the afternoon all the mulch was in the driveway where the chickens had moved it. Amazing how well they can clean the ground but so very frustrating also.

So Mom called our neighbors and she said yes her husband had been having trouble keeping them in their pen this summer but they would try fix the problem. Her husband stopped by to talk while we were re-mulching Saturday afternoon and said we could have fresh chicken for supper if they stayed a problem. Alan will be thrilled I'm sure, NOT.

While growing up we city kids would visit our grandparents farm in TN every summer. One of the highlights were picking up eggs from the hen house until we found our first chicken snake. It was at least 6' long and I swear our feet didn't touch the ground all the way back to the front of the house. Pape took a hoe and dragged him out. Us city kids were scared spitless!

Then there was the summer they decided to get the chickens ready to eat. Pape wrung their necks and we yelled and screamed while headless chickens flopped all over the back yard. Then it was time for grandma to do her thing and we didn't even watch that. One of my brothers still does not like to each chicken. haha

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