Thursday, August 11, 2011


Pink Surprise Lilies

a real surprise since we didn't plant
one in the new hosta and hydrangea bed
these hostas were moved from behind Alan's shed
2 of the hydrangeas were from Walmart's clearance
and the other from our friend Lynn's garden
thank you so much Lynn

left behinds in the corner garden

in the bed next to Alan's shop

up close and gorgeous

These lilies are a continuous surprise every year. We seem to finally be getting more and more of them, not always where we move them to but still gorgeous where ever they decide to come up.


  1. And a wonderful surprise too Sandy!!!
    hugs from here...

  2. Sandy, I love those lilies, I have a bunch of them here too. In fact, I found them at a landfill and thought they were daffodils; planted them that first year and nothing but leaves came up and then died. I was sad until August when all of sudden out of nowhere appears these flower stalks. They are wonderful plants, and you have an amazing quantity of them.

  3. Hi Sandy!

    Love the surprise lilies, too. Mine are doing well this year...I guess they loved the flood waters. I have them scattered all about the place, and love that the rascally deer do not ever touch them!!!

    Glad the hydrangeas have found a nice new place. Hope they bloom for you!