Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ming Treasure
my favorite hosta

enormous 6" pure white flowers

2 down and lots more to go

finally a homes that it likes

After about 12 years and 6 plants I finally have one that is blooming. It has the most wonderful fragrance, almost as strong as the honeysuckle vines in full bloom. It is a delight to sit on the patio or just going in and out the back door. The fragrance is strong enough to stop you in your tracks so you can enjoy it to the max. I am so glad I finally have the perfect place for it to grow and us to enjoy.


  1. Hostas are a favourite of mine too! I have one with white flowers too (not sure of the name though...) and I agree- the fragrance is intoxicating! Glad yours finally has a home where it's happy :^)

  2. I had no idea hostas could be fragrant! Is this one hard to grow? I'll have to keep an eye for it. I love fragrant flowers. It's wonderful to keep trying to find just the right spot to make a favorite plant happy. :o)

  3. I didn't know hostas could be fragrant either. It's always nice to have something like that in the garden. Glad it's thriving and happy!