Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For the Birds

starting in the backyard

in Mom's bed of roses

seen from the kitchen window
in the bed of peonies and lilies

hanging in the Bradford Pear tree
over the patio for the hummingbirds

hanging in the tulip magnolia bush
off the front porch for the finches

in the knockout rose and peony bed
very shallow - have to fill every 2/3 days

2 cute little ones for the new
hosta/hydrangea bed - they
don't even hold water for 1 full day
looks good though

walking into the garden
new birdbath from Lowe's
surrounded by daylilies and peonies

at the front of the garden
surrounded by daylilies

walking around the other side of the garden
new flower one from the Wild Birds Unlimited Store
I just couldn't resist - very shallow and
have to fill every day
sure looks good surrounded by weeds!

I worked Saturday morning at the back of the garden trimming the dawn redwood and bald cypress trees up a little and cleaning out the dead limbs. I also managed to clean up and trim the crape myrtles that came back from our cutting them down this spring along with the tulip magnolia and rose of sharon bush. Two daylily beds also got cleaned out and mowed down for the summer. It is now possible to walk into the garden from the back driveway without bending over or sliding through anything since one of us is usually carrying Bella. It sure made our walk to the stock tank to feed the fish Sunday evening so much more enjoyable.


  1. I'm sure your birds are very happy!

  2. I love all the bird baths and feeders in your garden Sandy. Don't you love making your garden a birdie haven? I have such a thing for birds...unfortunately so does my cat.
    hugs from here...