Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Water

our other 2 little water gardens

at the end of the patio
the sound of water is so refreshing
sitting on the patio
the impatiens are doing great
along with 3 little goldfish

little pond in the garden
got the water lily from Lowe's and it's
almost ready to bloom
we have 2 little goldfish in this one

bloom time for the water lily

Walking around the house and garden is so much more enjoyable with the water gardens and their wildlife. We have more birds and frogs than ever before along with everything we don't see and probably don't want to see. The water lilies are so beautiful whether they are blooming or not. I can't wait for the red one in the stock tank to grow up.


  1. Oh I can tell you are loving this Sandy! I love the sound of water in peoples gardens. I don't even have a fountain at all. WIth our Winters, Dale is thinks it would be too much work to put it all away in the Fall.
    I loved seeing the bounty from your vegetable garden and Bella with her pepper.
    sending hugs...