Thursday, July 21, 2011

For the Birds


are they coming or going
shade garden by patio

I got 6 of these bluebird houses
at Lowe's on clearance
pre-drilled holes are a blessing
for putting them up

Hobby Lobby clearance $2.50 each
and they still have 2 on the shelves
what were people thinking to leave them

nesting boxes, have 2
one on each end of the garden

in my corner garden
the daylilies have had it

at the back of the garden

old house that fell down

and the butterfly house
they have never used!


  1. I love all your pretty birdhouses, especially the white one with the star! You must have a lot of feathered friends coming by.

  2. They ae so charming! Now Midnight won't know where to go to "birdwatch".

  3. Sandy, you have an amazing collection of birdhouses! We have one from the landfill (couldn't believe someone would toss it out) and it is always 'rented' out every year by a little family of wrens.