Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Latest Cat Food Critter

I'm watching from inside the porch
taking his picture through door

open the door and he backs off a little

he's not afraid of me at all
I'm still standing in the doorway

clap my hands and he retreats a little

but only for a minute

back to check out the missing bowl of food

He finally ran away after I stomped my feet and clapped my hands several times, I was back standing at the doorway again by this time. I had been bringing in any food our Wild Cat doesn't eat every night about the time it gets dark. This raccoon has decided to come early, the past couple of nights he has shown up around 6:00. So much for leaving the food out for Wild Cat, he will have to eat a lot earlier from now on.

Velvet was laying on top of Mom's new car while all this was going on. Don't know why we thought he would be any help. haha


  1. I have a little stray I feed outside our kitchen door and have the same problem with the raccoons. I now wait till I see Bob (I named him, he's getting used to us- Bob- has no tail....) and then I feed him. He stands back till I put it out there but I was tired of feeding the raccoons. Cute little guys though I must admit but.... not wanting to encourage them either....

  2. Oh, yes, raccoons can become quite the bold, cheeky characters in a hurry. Great pictures of your bandit!

    I had refilled the cat food container for my cat and left it on the back porch one night. Heard a noise, looked out the door and the cat food container was on its side in the driveway. I waited awhile and finally saw a raccoon's paw reach out from under my son's car and drag the container which weighed about five pounds right under the car with him. We chased him away, but he wasn't all that scared of us, either. They can also get the lids off of coffee cans with no trouble. Amazingly intelligent!

  3. Sandy that must be some gooood cat food! Great captures of that cute little thief!
    have a wonderful Thursday.
    sending hugs...

  4. Sandy, I think your blog cover of peony is
    beautiful. I also think your raccoon is a
    neat little guy. Lots of fun!!!