Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Some of Our Iris'

light pink with dark yellow on the ground

light blue and white

peach from our neighbor Mrs. Harris

blue and white

more light pink with purple in the background

my variegated purple and white

new white

gorgeous purple and white

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we got a lot done around the garden and at Jennifer's flower garden. Most of the mulching is done at her house and now on to finishing mulching at our's if only the rain would stop. The rains started again late Saturday night and rained off and on all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning and the temps also sank down to the 50s. It moved out yesterday afternoon and thank goodness they were right and the sun briefly came out. We need some serious dry time and warmer temps to even be able to work in the garden much less plant the new bulbs we have. Today is cool but the sun is shining and the rest of the week should be even better!

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  1. Pretty irises! I'm still enjoying mine. Hope your weather starts cooperating.

    Enjoy your day!