Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Art

Art in Our Garden

new concrete birds for the big
rose pot in the center of the garden
we found 2 of these on clearance at TJ Maxx

bluebird back in his cage for the summer
in the planter by the patio

birdbath planter with lavender/white flowers
this year - million bells, african daisy & geraniums

close up of lavender million bells
my favorite annual this year

birdhouse by driveway
now you can see it since we cut back the crape myrtle

gathering the watering cans in one place

front hosta garden

one of the swings in garden

cherub with spiderwort
the best it has ever bloomed

cicadas have arrived
thank goodness we don't seem to have very many

I will be on vacation until June 6.


  1. What great garden art you have. I really like the bird bath planter.

    ~Gardener on Sherlock Street

  2. So many wonderful garden pieces. What a great garden you have, Sandy! I like that red birdhouse by the driveway.


  3. Your gardens are beautiful and worth the water. I remember as kids, we would look for the cicada shells on the trees. I am lucky that I have been able to give much of what I grew up with hoping they will have wonderful memories of their childhood. Have a great weekend.