Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Additions for the Garden

We are having a perfect week weather wise this week so far and we have some more beauties to plant.

Miss Saigon Dutch Iris
found these at Walmart - 18 bulbs for $5
had to get 2 packs of course

spider web hen & chicks
from our local nursery - best prices there are

more hens & chicks
went to get mulch and couldn't resist

Red Dutch Oriental Lily
also found these at Walmart - 4 tubers for $5
can't buy just 1 so I got 2 of these

We almost finished mulching the flower beds at Jennifer's house yesterday and will finish when we plant her annuals next week. We have storms moving in tonight so have plenty to keep us busy this afternoon.


  1. Beautiful garden additions, Sandy! I can't wait to get in the garden. If it'd just quit snowing!

  2. I love that red dutch oriental lily! I have got to start shopping from catalogues more, because here in Idaho we don't get very many varieties for liliies in our stores or nurseries. We only get Stargazer and casa blanca mostly.
    I love your new additions Sandy. It looks like a nice day here, so I think I will have my first day in the garden. whoo hoo!
    sending hugs,

  3. That Dutch Iris is soooooo pretty!

  4. Love your additions to the garden. I'll be checking out WalMart later this week to see what I can find.


  5. I love all these plants. You are great at finding the bargains! Hope everything survived last night's storms!!

  6. What great deals!! I just bought two big thick dahlia tubers from our local feed n'seed for $6. I love the iris!! Beautiful!!

  7. Sandy! I noticed that you're a new follower of my own blog, and I want to thank you much for dropping in. If you hadn't, I may not have found this beautiful blog of yours.
    I love all the wonderful pictures of your flowers and gardens. I've always loved working with the soil. We find that down here in NC, is far different than working with the soil in NH. We're still learning.
    I do plan on dropping in often and you come back to visit me as well! I have a picture on mine this morning of one of our Egyptian Onions.

  8. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Easter! blessings,Kathleen