Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting It Done

The Beauty of Spring
& Mulching

the first rose to bloom

dogwood tree on back side of house

little pond has been mulched around
louisiana iris and little cattails sprouting in pond

thrift - keeps coming back
year after year

front hosta bed is mulched
Alan found a snake here the day after I mulched
thank goodness it was the day after

purple iris

front corner garden 1/2 cleaned and mulched
now to finish cleaning it before the weeds come back

peony & daylily bed in backyard is mulched

texas rose is blooming it's heart out
lots and lots of little yellow pompoms

lavender iris

rose bed in backyard is mulched
and more purple iris

oakleaf hydrangea is putting out leaves
virginia bluebell & money plant blooming

hellebores & more money plant blooming

little narcissus

more virgina bluebells around the flag pole

We've made a good dent in cleaning out the debris from the garden and mulching but boy do we still have a lot to do. I also want to add another small container pond and later on a bigger stock tank container pond. Now we just have to figure out where they will fit in. Mom has also gotten our new peonies planted this week - 10 in all, more beautiful colors to add to our collection!


  1. Wow Sandy, you certainly have got a lot done! The little watergarden is looking great. Can't wait to see the Louisiana irises bloom. Your peonies are looking healthy, too. Thanks for posting all these nice pix!

  2. It looks like you have been working like a dog lately Sandy!!! Your mulched beds look awesome.
    I am chopping at the bit to get in the garden.
    sending hugs...

  3. Looks like you have been very busy. What beautiful blooms! blessings,Kathleen