Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before the Rains

Our coral peony bush is the first to bloom this year and thankfully I got a picture of them on Saturday before the storms rolled through Saturday night and Sunday.

the pictures just don't do them justice
they are absolutely gorgeous

mop bucket full after Saturday night
Sunday morning rains
we got an awful lot of water dumped
and now have a very soggy flower garden

an unwelcome visitor after the Sunday morning rains

Sunday afternoon was full of dark skies, lots of wind, heavy rain and tornado warnings. Thankfully no tornadoes were spotted, just lots of very dark clouds for a while and of course our unwelcome visitor going around in circles just outside the back yard. Our neighbor came over and took care of him for us and then 3 of the biggest black turkey buzzards finished the job and finally took the smell with them!

Monday was more rain and today is starting out with even more. Some areas already have 2"-7" with another 2"-7" coming by tomorrow night. Flooding is already in progress with more to come I'm sure. Thank goodness we live on a hill!


  1. Beautiful peony Sandy! That is a lot of rain!!!
    I hope your Easter was wonderful for you and your family!
    sending hugs...

  2. (laughed at the skunk!) yikes!