Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Snow, Snow Go Away
Come Again Another Year????

Father Winter decided to pay Northern Middle Tennessee another visit yesterday afternoon. I left work at 1:20 because Jennifer called and said our road was covered and slushy already. It was still raining at work.

The roads were fine until I reached the red light in Greenbrier and then the winter storm appeared. It was amazing that the road before the light was fine and after the light was not. Thank goodness we only live about 5 miles or so from the light and no one seemed to mind poking along at 20 miles an hour.

This is our road in front of the driveway leaving for work this morning. Nice and frozen. I walked out before leaving to see if the black part was really the road and it was - with a nice coating of ice of course.

another 3 inches to clean off the trucks

sticking to the trees again
so neat to watch

shade garden close to the house

wrought iron collects snow very well

good thing no birds in this house

accumulating on more trees

drifts really well with the wind we had

It would be so nice if Father Winter would pack up his bags and leave town. Unfortunately he is scheduled for another visit tomorrow afternoon. Mother Nature needs to kick him out of town since he apparently has no plans to leave on his own. Spring can't get here fast enough.


  1. Father Winter did give you the opportunity to make such lovely photo's. But I really can imagine you want him to leave.

  2. Boy Sandy, this has been a weird Winter for you all there in Tenn. But I'm lovin' your pretty snowy pictures.

  3. As much as I long for spring, your photos depict a beautiful winter wonderland!