Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift Find & Finally Organized

A thrift store has opened up down the road from work and I finally seen their sign and stopped a couple of weeks ago. While there I noticed this great filing cabinet and asked the price. The little ole guy said $45 but if I would come back on the following Tuesday it would be 1/2 price. I couldn't wait for Tuesday to get here and low and behold no one had bought it.

my awesome bargain for $22.50

folded the legs up and the tabletop fit perfectly
and the rolling cabinet will roll right out of the way

my latest find at TJ Maxx
perfect for some of my scissors and accessories

looks so good above the bookcase

everything finally has it's own place
material for quilting out of the way
I really love all these roll around cabinets

cast iron hat rack finally has a resting place
will be great for little baskets and ribbons

view of my awesome new corner
even left room for the spare bed to the left

another rolling cabinet for odds and ends
only have a small stack of books and patterns
left to sort and file

bookcase for hardback books
needlepoint, cross stitch, quilting and gardening
pretty boxes for special threads and bookmark supplies

I love working in my corner now. I just need to make labels for the drawers so I can remember where I have put everything since nothing is even close to where it used to be. It is amazing to be able to see what you have instead of going through totes to try and find something only to realize you need the bottom tote instead of the top one. I even have room for more stash. Can't get any better than that!


  1. No it doesn't get any better than that Sandy!!! I have such a hard time getting and staying organized. HELP!!!How far is Idaho from you? LOL! It looks just great...and so neat!

  2. Your craft room looks so neat and organized...does it bring on inspiration?! It would for me. I could seriously use your help!!

    The filing cabinet was a great find and I love the cabinet {or is it a shadowbox?} from Target?


  3. What a great find and a great price on the filing cabinet! Everything looks so nice and organized!