Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heat Wave Continues

According to our local news we are about to break our record for consecutive days over 90 degrees and with very little rain in our area. We have had several occasions that the sky darkens and thunder rumbles and it cools down some but no rain for us. It is taking a toll on our garden.

our little pond dried up Sunday morning - first time since we built it about 15 years ago, thank goodness I was taking pictures so got it filled back up before the water hyacinths died

new peonies not taking the heat very well
weeds appreciate the watering

hydrangeas looking limp
at least they do perk up when watered

its really bad when the weeds starting looking limp

bald cypress trees
looks like winter approaching

So far we have chances of rain for every day this week with Wednesday being the best shot we have. Hopefully they are right as watering is not nearly enough.


  1. I'm so ready for Autumn and decent weather! We had a nice break on Sunday with lovely rain and then it rained again today! I was in heaven...

  2. I hope that it will cool down soon and that you will get some rain.