Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Organized

Trying to get my stuff and Mom's stuff better organized is a job all by itself. We are fortunate to have an extra room upstairs where all her crochet afghans and yarn goes along with my cross stitch files, supplies, quilting material and computer stuff. And we have all our gardening books along with the cross stitch hardback books and quilting books. Too much stuff and not a big enough room. I am finally making headway and we can actually find something when we need it. Thank goodness for Walmart and the back to school specials on tubs and cabinets that will work great until I find what I really want.

finished baby afghans
easily accessible

yarn that Mom can get to
containers marked with what is in it
blocks ready to be made into afghans
everything in containers or bags to keep them clean

misc cross stitch stuff fills this trunk

computer table cleaned off
so I can get to the keyboard

and my new corner with tables to work on

Now I just need a free weekend to dig out all my cross stitch and quilting supplies from their hiding places and start putting them in my new cabinets. Mom and I screwed the small red ones to the wall and I will be putting my extra DMC floss, specialty threads, trims and small projects in them. Found some red metal hanging file holders at JoAnn's for current projects due for my kids squares and rolling cabinets under the tables for quilting material and projects I want to make for Isabella. Can't wait to get them all filled up.


  1. Sandy you are a master at organization. Wow, this is wonderful. I love how you have things in clear bags and containers so you can see it all. Great job my friend!

  2. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when things are organized. What a great job you did!