Friday, July 9, 2010

Cross Stitch Projects Framed & Delivered

Mom's Family Reunion

When Linda and Wayne Bob told us in January they were coming to visit from California we called Richard and Zelda so they and their families could plan on coming and having a family reunion. I decided to stitch a picture for each to remember this visit. Here they are completed and framed.

Aunt Mary
Unity Birdhouse

Uncle Richard
Old Christianburg Institute Barn

Uncle Billy did not come so
Aunt Zelda will take his home
Of Farm & Field

Aunt Zelda
Chickadee Charm

Magnolia Pixie
Partially Completed
and a Complete Surprise for Her

Aunt Linda

Uncle Wayne Bob
1956 Chevy

We enjoyed everyone coming and treasure every moment we had to spend with all of you and look forward to next year. And boy is our house way too quiet now.

Love Alan, Jennifer, June and Sandy


  1. These gifts are gorgeous. It is so nice that you put a piece of yourself in each of these.

    Have a beautiful day.

  2. Wow, Sandy! I knew you were a generous and kind person but all that stitching and framing - you really are something! What a sweet and loving thing for you to do! I don't know how you got so much done, and so beautifully, too! What FUN!!!

  3. This was such a wonderful thing for you to do for your family Sandy. I'm sure this was one of their favorite parts of your reunion, besides spending time with you and your mom. What a lot of hard work you did and I know that they love them and will treasure them.

  4. What a lovely gift you made for each of them! I'm sure they will be cherished. You do beautiful work, Sandy.


  5. I love that so much thought went into each of those gifts. You are so talented and thoughtful!