Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden & Car Woes

This past weekend was beautiful, sunny and hot. We were in the high 80s and no rain at all. What a nice change. We managed to get the yards mowed, some plantings done and created enough sweat to water some flowers. On Sunday the wind did not stir at all, made for a very hot and humid day, just like the middle of summer. Supposed to stay this way all week.

new hosta
pineapple upside down cake plantain lily
light pink impatients

Mom's newest trick to get rid of moles and deer
might help if the wind would blow

strawberry patch
the deer and moles are loving it

Mom's and Alan's garden
tomatoes and beans looking good
deer haven't jump the fence yet

blueberry bushes are loaded
I see blueberry pancakes in our future

grapevines are loaded also
yum - fresh grape jelly this summer

car woes -- this mean ole big ole truck

whammed into my once pretty car

It would really help if Dooley would look in his rear view mirror before throwing his truck in reverse and stomping on the gas. Now to the repair shop we go this afternoon. I should have it back and beautiful once again by the end of the week.


  1. Ouch. I am sorry about you car. I found a big chip on my bumper from a shopping cart and was upset for days!!

    My garden is going pretty well. I am having to water more now that we are in the 90's everyday.

    Mmmm Grape jelly sounds good.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Sandy! Love your garden - I wish I had that much space to plant such fabulous veggies and flowers! Let me ask you - why/how do windmills deter moles - the deer I get, but not the moles.

    BB pancakes and grape jelly (not together), mmmmmm......

    Sorry about your pretty, little car. LOL at Dooley!

  3. I think Dooley's truck needs to make a trip to KY to buy concrete.....to atone for its sins.

    So sorry about your car! But the garden is looking good!