Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Play Toy

One of our newest play toys is now up and running. We were at Lowe's a few weeks ago and seen this composter and fell in love so we got 2. Not even a week later they ran an ad and they were $10 cheaper than we paid for ours so Mom went back to Lowe's with our receipt to get a $20 refund. The clerk didn't think he could do that so Mom suggested he call his manager, otherwise she was bringing them both back. The manager came and said no problem, no need to bring them back and gave her our refund. Yippee. Since Alan couldn't play outside Saturday with his toys during the storms he put together 1 of our composters.

full and working it's magic

little pond I cleaned out last Sunday
storms Saturday filled it 1/2 full

my reading corner nice and clean

weeding was so much easier from
all the storms and rain on Saturday

clematis blooming better than ever
in the reading corner


  1. Oh Sandy your garden is beautiful! I love your reading corner. What a beautiful place to sit and relax and drink in all this loveliness.
    I have been wanting a new composter, this one looks great.

  2. Enjoyed your garden pictures. I was very interested in the composter. I've had a pile composting for a year. Just don't want to spend a bunch of money and it still takes a year. Keep us posted on how it goes.