Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clematis' Are Blooming

Most of our clematis' have started blooming and are so beautiful, but first

Mom's birthday bird in his new home
soon to be surrounded by peony blooms

transplant blooming this first year

pale lavender double blooms in the garden

gorgeous this year in the reading corner

light purple in front corner
by driveway to barn

stripes at back of garden

Velvet waiting patiently for me
to finish taking pictures

dark purple by pond
supposed to be red - haha


  1. Gorgeous!!

    Give Velvet a huge hug from me. I love cats.

    Hubby got me two rose trees. One yellow and one that is pink and peach. I will have to get some pics.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Your clematis are beautiful. Love the bird house in the last photo! I can't believe your peonies are about to bloom. I haven't even seen buds on mine yet!


  3. Sandy your clematis blooms are lovely. I love the cage, and the bird is such a great addition.
    My hydrangeas are doing so good. I am so grateful to you for sending them to me.