Monday, March 15, 2010

Mom's Birthday

We started Mom's birthday celebrating on Friday evening. Alan took us to her favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner then we indulged in cake and ice cream afterwards. Jennifer and I had gotten her cake from her favorite bakery, Sweet & Sassy, 2 layer round with lots of her favorite flowers on it. It was so good.

On Saturday she started her day at Dooley's home where he cooked her breakfast. His goal is to nitch the Son #1 spot and he was on his way.

As soon as breakfast was done she headed back home and we were off to shopping the day away. She, Jennifer and I hit every TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross' we could fine in the time we had.

Then it was back to Dooley's for dinner. He was grilling steaks and Randy brought the cake, another Sweet & Sassy goodie.

Dooley came up with the numbers
3 - she stopped aging at 39
and this is what he figures her age to be now
3/4 century old
75 years old

blowing out her candles

Birthday cards -- notice the difference between Randy and Dooley's cards and the fact that Dooley personally colored and decorated his. Dooley scored big this year and has the Son #1 spot secured, at least for now. Thank goodness I'm the only girl and my Daughter #1 spot is always secured.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to your Mother!! Sounds like you all had a good time!


  2. What a great cake - sounds like everyone had a great time - especially your mom!